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ARGUS  Appropriate Roads Group


A new roadway is to be built between Rathkeevin and Cahir. Argus is a group of people living in the area who are against the roadway as currently proposed.

What is proposed?

The National Roads Authority, Tipperary SR County Council and the Department of the Environment indicated that there was to be a road improvement scheme for the N24. This was generally welcomed due to the poor state of the roadway between Rathkeevin and Cahir, and the obvious under-capacity of the road during peak periods.

 At a “public consultation” four routes were shown to the public. Only one of these was a road-improvement scheme; the other three were new routes which were to be developed on green-field sites. The general feeling at the public consultation was that the improvement of the current roadway would be the likely choice.

In December 2001, it emerged that a route parallel to the existing road was the preferred choice of the consultants (see map), and further investigation of this route is now ongoing.

The type of roadway to be built is a dual carriageway.


Argus (greek mythology)
A fabulous creature with a hundred eyes, some of which were always awake; Upon his death his eyes were transferred to the tail of the peacock; hence an ever wathful person; a faithful guardian.

Argus (contemporary)
Appropriate Road Group
- An ever watchful citizens group dedicated to overturning the decision to build a dual carriageway between Clonmel and Cahir.

The Argus alternative:
To build a wide 2-lane roadway between Rathkeevin and Cahir, in consultation with the people living on the route, and along the existing alignment where possible.