Karmine Apple Juice

The Karmijn de Sonnaville apple is described by Morgan and Richards in their "Book of Apples'' as intensely flavoured, rich, aromatic, and with masses of sugars and acidity; very good.
Karmine apple juice is made from a blend of 67% Karmijn de Sonnaville and 33% Bramley's Seedling apples. The Karmijn variety is especially well suited to juice making due to its high natural sugar content (about 15%) and good aroma. The source of this aroma is probably in its lineage, because Karmijn de Sonnaville is a cross of the Cox's Orange Pippin and Jonathan varieties, and it has inherited great qualities from both its parents. One quality that it has not inherited is good looks, and this is why you will not find it on the supermarket shelf as a table apple. Indeed, we are the only growers of this apple in Ireland, and one of only a handful worldwide.
In order to maximise the natural flavours which reach a peak during October, the apples are hand-picked from the trees only once they reach full maturity. They are then allowed to mellow for a few weeks before being pressed in November and December. The juice which is extracted is not filtered, but allowed to stand overnight to allow large particles to settle.
It is then bottled and pasteurised using a gentle heat (70°C). Because of its natural acidity, (a significant proportion of which is contributed by the Bramley apple), after pasteurisation it is shelf-stable at ambient temperatures, although we recommend its consumption within nine months of manufacture.
Bridgestone Best in Ireland AwardTo quote John McKenna (Irish Times Weekend Review July 22nd 2000) "The juice is successful because it perfectly finds a balance between sweetness and sharpness, with sufficient acidity to make sure that it is thirst-quenching. It is cloudy in appearance with a sweet and florid bouquet, but the perfect pitch of the juice means it is an excellent drink with food, as well as being a thirst-slaking summer drink."
Karmine apple juice is available in 750ml, 330ml and 250ml glass bottles and 5 or 20 litre bag-in-box. It is sold from the farm-shop and a limited number of exclusive outlets around the country.

Pure Apple Juice
Pure apple juice really only exists in the cells of the apple. As soon as the apple is pressed to extract the juice, the juice is bound to be changed, with cell wall particles, oils from the fruit skin, woody tissue from stems and so on mixed in. We therefore do not use the term “pure apple juice” much, although if it must be used, we would certainly claim that Karmine juice qualifies, as in everything we do, we try to keep it as pure as we can.

Karmine Apple Juice represents a novelty in the world of apple juice. Firstly, that it is made from Irish apples is unusual, because most of the juices made in Ireland are made with imported fruit or concentrate.
Also, that it is made from apples grown for the specific purpose of making juice is unusual. Even the better apple juices available on the shop-shelves are made from apples grown for fresh sale, but which for some reason or another were not good enough, and so had to be diverted for another use. While these apple juices are perfectly good, the apples used in their making do not necessarily have great juice-flavour characteristics, because they were grown with fresh-consumption in mind, and thus no attention paid to their juice-making potential.
Lastly, and this is probably the most unique factor, the Karmijn de Sonnaville apple is not grown much anywhere in the world. We are the only growers in Ireland, and one of only a handful of commercial growers worldwide. As such, we can say that our Karmine juice, made with Karmijn apples, really is something special.

Apples and apple juice (especially if it is produced in the way that we do) are universally accepted as very good for your health.