applesWe now grow sixty different varieties of apples on our farm. Of these, twenty are on sale for you to enjoy. Harvest begins in August with Discovery. In early September we have Katja and James Grieve, both closely followed by Delbar Estivale. Next we have a small supply of Michelle my Belle and Noreen Dearg, both of which are also September apples. By early October you can enjoy Alkmene (also known as Early Windsor) and Cevaal and by mid-October Cox's Orange Pippin are ready for harvest. Following on next are Elstar and sister varieties Elshof, Elswout and Excellent Star. At the same time we offer Pinova and Topaz; two apples with very different characteristics; the Topaz being a high acid eating apple, while the Pinova is very low acid, and consequently tastes sweet. Next are Golden Delicious straight off the tree and also the excellent Jonagored. By this time we have also harvested our Karmijn de Sonnaville, although they are better given a few weeks between harvest and consumption. And all the while we have the super-acid Bramley's Seedling for cooking.