strawberriesStrawberries are a delightful summer fruit. When grown according to nature’s timetable, and not forced to crop too early in spring, or otherwise out of season, strawberries are naturally fully of sweetness and juice. That is because when grown naturally, they will ripen during the longest days of summer, and these long days allow the leaves of the plants to produce lots of sugar and flavour, and this makes these berries much better than any you might buy at Christmas or in springtime. Indeed, the cool Irish summers, combined with long days make for great-flavoured strawberries, especially if they are grown on soil in the open field.
At The Apple Farm we grow a range of varieties; we like to call them our Tipperary strawberries. Among the popular ones are Honeyoye, Eros, Elsanta, Darselect, Vima Tarda and Korona. They are ready for harvest in June, July and August, and on our farm we offer both ready-picked and pick-your-own fruits (not always available).
While they all have different characteristics, all are good for their own reasons, and we have many customers who ask for specific kinds. All are perfect for fresh consumption, but if you have the restraint to put some aside, you can also make great jams and desserts.